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At Chestnut Ridge Financial Services, our mission is to help our clients manage the risks of everyday personal, professional and business life, and to assist them in recovering financially from the unexpected events of life so that they may continue in the pursuit of their dreams.

Whole Life Insurance

Protect the Future of Your Family

Whole life insurance is the perfect way to safeguard your family’s future with both a guarantee and a way to acquire more money over time as a form of investment.  Our Chestnut Ridge Financial Services representatives can help you determine which benefits will help you and your family the most with whole life insurance.  Some of the features you can receive with whole life insurance include:

  • Cash Value- Whole life insurance comes with a savings benefit that allows you to accumulate more cash value over the time of your investment.  This money will increase over time, regardless of where the market is at, and you can also take the money out whenever you want.  Just remember that your beneficiaries will receive less money if you reduce the surrender value so it may not make sense to pull any of that accumulated money out.  We can help you put together a long term strategy to increase your cash value the most.
  • Lifetime Coverage- Your plan is set up to stay the same your entire life, regardless of what life changes occur for you.  This is good as long as you continue to make your monthly payments and don’t stop investing in your policy on a consistent basis.  So if something negative happens in your life, your policy will stay the same and you will continue to be protected at the same level.
  • Death Benefit- This is the amount that is guaranteed to be paid to your beneficiaries as long as your monthly premium payments are made. 
  • Options- If you choose Whole Life Advantage, there are additional options that can help you increase your cash value over time that will help you and your beneficiaries out in the long run.  That is why whole life insurance can be so powerful.  Everyone loves options and we can explain exactly how these will help you.

Guaranteed Coverage Your Entire Life

Whole life insurance is so beneficial because it is guaranteed life insurance with a guaranteed payment every single month that will last your entire life and beyond for your loved ones.  We highly recommend looking into how whole life insurance can help you and your family and one of our certified Chestnut Financial Ridge Services representatives can help answer your questions today.

Term Life Insurance

Protect Your Family With an Affordable Term Life Insurance Policy

Your family depends on you financially and if you were to be gone, term life insurance would help take care of them financially after you left. Nobody wants to think about something as bad as not being here anymore, but it is important to prepare for the worst. Taking care of your family while you are here is a must so taking care of your family after you leave is something you should think about as well. Contact us today to get more information on how term life insurance can help you and your family today.