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About CRFS

Our Story

Chestnut Ridge Financial Services was created to provide a complete and affordable financial protection package for individuals, families and businesses.

As advisors, business owners and financial professionals ourselves, we recognized the need for affordable protection against unexpected financial loss.

Our experience in business and industry gave us valuable insight and showed us that most families and businesses are under protected from financial hardship due to unexpected events.

Most financial service companies and insurance providers represent one carrier and are limited in services that they provide. Furthermore, they can be monetarily motivated and focused on specific clientele.

After working in the insurance and financial industry for several years, we decided it was time to create a complete financial protection package for all our clients, no matter what their income level or economic status. We made it a priority to enable our agents to focus on each individual client with the utmost attention to their personal situation, and not base our solutions on a commission schedule.

Whether the client requires a personal, business or health insurance product we can structure adequate and affordable solutions through a multitude of carriers. This approach has proven to be the most beneficial method for our clients.

We are client focused with only your financial protection as our goal. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see for yourself just how different Chestnut Ridge Financial Services will treat you and your family.



Christine - Chestnut Ridge Financial Services
Chris Stoudt
Insurance Specialist/Owner

Chris really specializes in bringing that customer service aspect into the whole insurance transaction. She knows how to connect people with services and she always puts her clients first above herself. Read more…

Michael Wise
Insurance Specialist/Owner

Michael Wise has been in the insurance industry for quite some time. Having been born and raised in central PA, he saw a need to help start a company that is client based to actually put people over profits. Read more…

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Complete Financial Protection

Life happens and your finances play an important part throughout your life. Planning with the proper insurance and protection will help protect your finances throughout each phase of your life.

You Are Family

We worked for other companies and now we started our own so we can treat our clients how we always wanted to treat them, like family. We treat every client like they are a part of our family.

Long Term Focus

We look at your short-term goals and your long-term goals and we put together the best plan customized to fit your life. Our focus is on helping you and your family for the long haul.

Custom Planning

We know that your life is different than your neighbor’s life so we don’t put you together with a cookie cutter insurance plan. We customize everything for you and your family every time.

Personal or Business

We have the products and services to help you out as an individual and we have the products and services to help out a small or large business as well. Ask us how we can help and see what happens.

One Of A Kind Help

Stop going to the large financial companies that just look at you as a number. Each one of our financial and insurance specialists will treat you as an individual that matters and not a number.